Spring Summer 2016 issue of Holybrooks newsletter. Dog show, new image, private tuition and more.
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Spring / Summer 2016

Welcome to our Spring / Summer newsletter and what a busy and eventful few months it’s been. There’s been lots going on behind the scenes, with a change to the company image, new services being offered and planning for our annual dog show under way. As always, we’d like to thank you all for trusting your beloved pooches with us.


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Holybrooks Fun Dog Show

Last year we organised our first dog show with a great turnout. This year we're aiming for bigger and better on 4th June at Victoria Recreation Ground in Tilehurst. We've added some extra classes to enter your dog in to; Best Puppy, Best Girl, Best Boy, Waggiest Tail & Best Rescue.

Door Locks

If you find your keys are stiff getting in and out of your door lock, spray a little lubricant and wiggle to key and it should go back to moving smoothly!

Private Tuition

We have recently added a new service to our portfolio of Private Tuition. This service is to help people with any specific training issues such as introducing a new puppy, loose lead walking and recalls in the comfort of your home. This individual training means that we can focus entirely on your needs and how to best work with your dog.

Did you know?

Your dog’s nose print is as individual as our fingerprints, with no two noses the same. All of the bumps, ridges, lines and spots on our dog’s nose is entirely unique to them.

New Logo

At the beginning of April, we were excited to announce the launch of our new logo. Since Holybrooks began in 2009, we have developed into a modern dog services company and felt it was time to update our logo to reflect this. We've still kept out iconic green, but the dog has become less cartoon and more lifelike.
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